Recommend an MST HUB to connect three displays to Intel NUC8I7BEH

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I am planning to buy a NUC8I7BEH in the future, my only question would be that, how can I connect three Full HD displays to that?

I have a DELL U2211H, a P2214H and a P2217H.

For the P2214H the manual says:

“*Support DP1.2 (CORE) specification. Excludes High Bit Rate 2 (HBR2), Fast AUX
transaction, Multi-stream transport (MST), 3D stereo transport, HBR Audio (or high data
rate audio)”

For the P2217H it does not say anything about the exclusion of MST, only that it has a DP1.2 port.

I do not ha DP Out on any of these displays, therefore daisy chaining is not possible.

Can I use an MST Hub in this case?

The “Excludes […] Multi-stream transport (MST)” does not really fill my heart with warmth and I am afraid because of the DP1.1a on the U2211H there will only be mirrored image for one of my displays.

What would you recommend?


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Hello Bozsikarmand,

Thank you for your question.

currently there are only two solutions available. the CSV-1477 this is an adapter that works via the USB-A connection on your NUC device. you would need two of this product to connect all 3 displays.

the other solution is the CSV-3242HDA which would not utilize your display-ports but will use your VGA, DVI and HDMI all three of these ports are supported on your displays. on Club3D instagram “@Club_3d” account you can see a video how this Dockingstation is used for multiple displays

unfortunately MST is not supported by your Dell U2211H. so a conventional MST will not work

Kind regards

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Thanks for your answer! 🙂


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