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I just purchased a ASUS laptop with NVIDIA GeForce GTX1650 video card. Of the cards outputs I want to use the Displayport which is Version 1.4. I’m not a pc expert but understand Displayport is the way to go. For now  I want to run two or three new monitors using windows extended mode at 1080p (minimum). The monitors have Displayport 1.2 inputs. What happens when you have a 1.4 output and a 1.2 input connection?

Which hub would you recommend?

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Hi MichaellsMe,

First of: DisplayPort (DP) 1.4 to DP1.2 is no problem. Thing is the bandwidth will be limited to DP1.2 specifications. DP1.4 supports up to 40GBPs and DP1.2 supports up to 21Gbps.

You want to connect 3x1080p over 21Gbps this is no problem with the CSV-5300A. As you will be using 3x 4.4Gbps.

Triple monitor:

Dual monitor:

Please check if your notebooks does support 3 screens tho! 

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