Scaling issues with CAC-1085 and LG OLED TV

1 on 02-02-2021

Running a 3080 with x3 LG OLED BX TVs.

2 of the OLED’s are on CAC-1085’s.  The last one is HDMI direct.

On the TV with HDMI, no scaling issues.  On the 2 with the CAC-1085s, the desktop is slightly over scaled (taskbar is slightly cut off).

I’ve already tried all the aspect ratio settings in the LG menu and even tried changing settings in nVidia Control Center.  No dice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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0 on 10-02-2021

Set the input label to PC, on the HDMI port of each TV you are connected to.

Go to the home dashboard (press the house symbol on your remote) and go to the gear icon in the top-right corner then select “Edit”.

As long as you use a refresh of at least 59/60hz, it will prevent image cut-off (overscan) and disable most settings that would contribute to input delay.

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