Second DVI port not detected by Windows 7 – R9 290 Royal Ace

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I had this card in my old set up and was able to run dual screen with both DVI ports, but when I upgraded my hardware and had to reinstall Windows 7, the second DVI port connection no longer became detectable by the operating system. The HDMI port works, and I get dual screen in POST and BIOS with the dual DVI set up, but otherwise I can’t find a way to get the second DVI port to detect. I made sure to have the latest drivers and Windows is fully updated.

Processor: i5-4690
RAM: 8GB 1600MHz
MB: GAZ97X – SLI Gigabyte

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0 on 13-05-2015

Hi Archangel71,

Do i understand correctly that you want to connect 2 screens thru DVI-D and 1 thru HDMI ?
(The VGA Crad support native 4 screens so that should not be a problem)
To make sure Windows Update is not the cause of the problem …
Please make sure the Bios of your mainboard is updated. Then run all available windows updates, make sure to also update the Microsoft .NET Frameworks which is often optional.
Than boot pc in safe mode (by pressing the F8 key at boot), remove all Graphics related software, in your case most probable the Catalist software and driver. In safe mode the system can also clear the registry that is important. When your done, reboot the system in normal mode and windows will suggest to install driver for your VGA, just click that away and go for the latest available driver download to:
When software is the cause of your problem, the above should fix it. 


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