Selecting correct MST hub and cables

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Please comment on best hub and cables for use with a ASUS Zenbook Pro and two (2) ASUS monitors. I plan to run different programs on each screen and move them around from computer desktop to one or the other monitors. Objective is to have as many as three work activities going at one time. Editing, spreadsheets etc. 

Zenbook Pro ports: (1-HDMI, 2-USB-C, 2-USB-A) ….. GTX1050Ti…. Intel i7-8750H. 
VP279Q-p monitors: IPS, Full HD, 1920×1080. Connectors: one-each HDMI, DisplayPort, D-Sub  

thanks in advance for your recommendations. 

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My advice would be to purchase a MST hub or dock from us. Which would connect from a USB-C, it would utilize all the power that USB-C provides, would connect to your ASUS Zenbook Pro and then connect from our dock connect both your screens, so you can have the flexibility to do whatever you want on the other monitors. 

There are various options…

CSV-1545: MST Hub USB-C to DisplayPort 1.2 Dual Montior. 

CSV-1546: MST Hub USB-C to HDMI 1. 4 Dual monitor. 

CSV-1560: USB-C MST charging dock.

CSV- 1564:USB-C Triple Display Dynamic PD Charging Dock.

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Greatly appreciate your recommendations. I’ll go the HDMI route. 

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