Suggestions for LG C1 + rMBP mid-2015 15″ iGPU?

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3 on 18-08-2021

I’m trying to find a cable and/or adapter that will give me 4k 60hz with this combination. I have tried an off-brand Mini DP to HDMI cable that claims to be active and able to output 4k 60hz. However, the best I can get out of my 2015 Macbook Pro is 4k 30hz or 1440p 120hz. The TV receives a signal when set to 4k 60hz but it just displays a horizontal green bar across the top of the display. 

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2 on 18-08-2021

Hi Bootz,

I would suggest to use an active adapter like the CAC-2170 with a certified HDMI 2.0 cable.



And use this software to create a custom resolution, with the below settings.


Let me know if it worked 🙂

on 23-08-2021

Thank you so much 🙂 . Turns out timing is everything. Literally CVT-RB lol.


on 24-08-2021

Happy to read it worked out!

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