Surface Pro 4 / 2 x 4K monitors / CSV-5400

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Hi all,
I try to get an Surface Pro 4 working with the Surface Dock and two 4K monitors. I try to use a CSV-5400 that is connected to the Surface Dock. The first display (Acer CB280HK – UM.PB0EE.001) is working fine. The second one, a Samsung (U28E590D – LU28E590DS) flickers and turns off. I know that it isn´t easy to get two 4k monitors working with the Surface dock, but I bought the CSV-5400 because I thought that it would make it easy to connect the two 4K displays. Any ideas, where is my mistake?

Many thanks,

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Hi Carsten,
You cannot get two 4K displays from a single DP port. The MST Hub split the bandwidth on 4 ports and the maximum on each does not reach 5 Gbps or 1080p. A DP port has a maximum bandwidth of 21.6 Gbps, a 4K signal reaches almost this bandwidth. 
To get two 4K displays running you require to have two individual DP ports from a graphics card or a supported device.

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