Thunderbolt 3 to Firewire

Updated on 16-03-2017 in USB Type C
1 on 16-03-2017

Is it possible to produce Thunderbolt 3 (USB 3.1 Type C) to Firewire 800/400 adapter? Many people are looking for such, especially those working with pro audio.

Apple currently suggest to use the following chain: Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 -> Thunderbolt 2 to Firewire 800 -> Firewire 800 to 400. Which is crazy…

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0 on 16-03-2017

Hi Darrien,

Thanks for your request.
I have no knowledge of such a product being in our roadmap for Products to be introduced.
I will check with R&D / Product Managment and if the above changes i will let you know.

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