Thunderbolt 4 Portable 5-in-1 Hub using an optical cable

Updated on 28-02-2022 in Docking Station
1 on 27-02-2022

Hi Club3D. I have purchased the TB4 dock/hub to used it to connect a VR setup in the living room to my computer in my office with an optical TB3 cable from corning. However the dock is completely inert when I plug in the cable. I use a USB C to A adapter to plug in a mouse, but no signal makes it back to the computer.

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0 on 28-02-2022

What source is connected to the Hub?

Your setup is Source -> AOC TB3 -> HUB -> VR set?

You did connect the power adapter from the dock, I assume?

Have your tried to use the cable that comes with the CSV-1580? Does that work? It’s not what you try to achieve but at least you may be able to find out what is not working.

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