two adaptor cant work in same time?

1 on 18-12-2020


i have a 3 monitor setup.  main native 2K and two HD monitor. monitors connected through Vega 64 primary and r9 290X gpu`s.

also i have a 1070 adaptor what gives a nice 2K resolution to one of the hd monitor. ( Any HD monitor with its on designated HDMI cable works with the 1070 )

so i bought a 2070 hoping that i can have 2 2k monitor + plus the native 2k on middle but surprisingly whatever i do the second adapter does not work does not matter what configuration i do set them up.

simple saying:   left HD screen connected via  adapter 1070 to R9 290  and right HD screen connected via adapter 2070 to vega 64 and the latest connected will still offer HD res only….

 why is that?

is there anything i can do to get them work together?

Thank you for your help


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0 on 21-12-2020

Hi Maximus,

I’ve some questions;

How did you manage to get 2 different GPUs working in 1 system? That does not suppose to work.

Which screens do you use? Assuming the 2x HD screens are 1080P. These will never become a 2K screen using any kind of adapter.

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