Type C monitor for PS5

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I have a monitor with x2 Type C ports and a Mini HDMI port. When I connect it to a laptop via Type C cable, the maximum resolution is 2560×1600 with 144Hz display refresh rate. If I use the HDMI to Mini HDMI cable, the maximum resolution is 1920×1080 – 60Hz. 

The PS5 only has a HDMI source port. The Type C port which is located on the front of the console cannot transfer any video signal. I already tried the HDMI to Mini HDMI but I get the same result – maximum resolution of 1080p/60Hz. 

My question is:

Would this product help me get to 1440p/120Hz on my PS5 console over HDMI to Type C?

Club 3D | HDMI to USB Type-C 4K60Hz Active Cable M/M 1.8m/6 ft (club-3d.com)

I am posting this video as a reference but the port is different and there is an additional USB cable there. Please advice if you can. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PlayStation 5 + DisplayPort Monitor Setup to Run Games at 120 FPS – Warzone 120hz PS5 Guide – YouTube

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Yes that is the cable you need.

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