Type C video output on CSV-1543 or CSV-1596

Updated on 17-08-2022 in Docking Station
3 on 17-08-2022

Do CSV-1543 or CSV-1596 allow for video output (DP Alt Mode) on one of the Type-C ports while a PD charger is connected to the other Type-C to charge the host?

If not, are there any other hubs/docks that do?

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2 on 17-08-2022

No both hubs’ only support data or PD.

The CSV-1580 does support that tho:



on 17-08-2022

Thank you. Do you know which size barrel jack the 1580 uses? Because i’d need a fitting PD-Trigger/Adapter to run that off a powerbank.

on 17-08-2022

100Watts powerbank? Quite a bulky one!

I honestly would not know. Maybe reach out to [email protected] they might be able to help you on this one

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