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I just bought this docking station and plugged my two brand new screens into it one with a vga and one with a HDMI. It worked for about 2 days and now I’m unable to get them to display anything. I have tried powering down both computer and docking station, unplugging everything from the dock and starting all over again. My computer is acknowledging the docking station but no display. It shows that I have 3 display which is correct. Can someone give me some guidance on what I’m doing wrong or what is going on with this? Thanks

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Which docking station? Which screens? What computer? PC, Notebook?

Have you tried not using the docking station and put the screen (one by one) directly in to your computer? Did you get a display then?



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Dear Gurus,

I have a USB 3.0 Dual Display Docking Station (Product code: CSV-3242HD). I’m using this device with an acer laptop with Windows 10.

I’ve connected to the docking station:

  • LAN cable
  • USB keyboard
  • USB mouse
  • Jabra SPEAK 510 USB & bluetooth for online meetings
  • 2.0 speaker over audio Jack – for sound of the monitor
  • LG monitor over DVI-I
  • Samsung UE55TU7102KXXH TV

When I turn on the TV and choose the HDMI port I see my laptop’s screen over the docking station, but the TV is silent.

In Windows 10 I can choose at the sound control theese options:

  • Speakers (DisplayLink Audio) – if I choose this, I hear the sounds from speakers which I connected to the docking station’s Audio jack port.
  • Hands free kit (Jabra SPEAK 510 USB) – if I choose this, I hear the sounds from my Jabra SPEAK
  • Speakers (Realtek(R) audio) – if I choose this, I hear the sounds from the laptop’s speakers

I tried each options, but the TV still silent. I tried modify the sound mode at the HDMI port (HDMI-eARC on or off) but the TV still silent. Former when I connected the TV to the laptop direct wtith same HDMI cable, was not issue with the sound on TV, so the TV’s HDMI port and the HDMI cable works fine. Do you have any idea for send sound to TV?

My other question: How can I set different desktop for TV (HDMI port) and monitor (DVI-I port)? Actually the docking station just clone my desktop to monitor and TV.


Thank you in advance!

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