USB-C Dock with G-SYNC support

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Hi there!

I am looking for a USB-C Dock with at least two USB-A ports and a display port 1.4 that can run a 1440p@144hz monitor with G-SYNC support (power delivery and ethernet would be nice too, but not necessary). 
Most of the Club-3D product range supports multiple video outputs along with DP 1.4 using MST, and as far as I know, MST is not compatible with G-SYNC.
Is there any dock/hub with the mentioned features that can switch to SST mode if only one monitor is connected or has only one video output and supports G-SYNC? (for example “CSV-1597” or “CSV-1598”?)
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A USB-C dock with USB 3.x ports will have a DisplayPort 1.4 port that has half the bandwidth of a normal DisplayPort 1.4 port.

1440p@144Hz would probably require DSC in that case. Both your display and GPU would need to support DSC. Without DSC, you would be limited to 8bpc color or you would have to switch to 4:2:2 instead of RGB or 4:4:4. You might have to switch to a slightly lower refresh rate for RGB/4:4:4 8bpc. I think HDR requires 10bpc.

If USB 2.0 is good enough, Cable Matters has a USB-C dock with USB 2.0 ports and full bandwidth DisplayPort 1.4 port.

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