USB Gen 1 Type A Dock, dual display problem

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Guys need some help

Have a USB Gen 1 Type A dual Dsiplay Docking Station.

Docking station is connected to:

  • laptop USB-A
  • Two displays HPZR2440w with resolution set to 1920×1200 and Phillips 243V with resolution set to 1920×1080 to the HDMI and DVI-I connectors of the dock.

Now during several ZOOM sessions displays crashes, I am losing both displays, going black. Laptop mentions external displays disconnected, reformats to laptop display only and straight after return to normal with all displays. This can happen several times per hour. Pretty annoying.

When I remove one of the display to the laptop HDMI it stays all good but defeats having the dock

Dock has been returned to Club3 for repairs, but same thing happens.

Is this dock capable of driving both displays or not?


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1 on 02-11-2023

You are referring to the CSV-3242HD ?

If it’s not a problem with the dock, then it may be a problem with DisplayLink drivers? Are they up to date?

The CSV-3242HD uses the DisplayLink™ DL-3900. There are newer chips.

A simple adapter would be least expensive:

on 06-11-2023

Hey there Joevt

Indeed it is the CSV-3242HD

Received confirmation from the Helpdesk that the dock is capable of running two displays at the same time but also recommended to install the lates and greatest drivers from  there website. Loaded and installed new drivers and the dock is now working for the last 2 days without any problems with both displays on the same time.

Excellent help and advise

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