USBC Dock CSV-1568 – FortiNAC MAC Passthrough

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We have approximately 50 Club3D docks in our environment as well as an additional 75 or so HP docks. Our FortiNAC network access controller has recently been blocking HP laptops connected to Club3D docks in our environment. Our research shows that the Club3D dock is not passing the HP laptop NIC MAC to the network so the NAC blocks the connection. Is there a firmware update or work-around to allow the dock to pass the local machine’s NIC MAC?

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The CSV-1568 is a USB-C dock which uses a USB to Ethernet adapter.

Is the HP dock also USB-C?

What USB Ethernet adapter do each of the docks use? Check the vendor and product ID in Device Manager.

Maybe you can get a firmware or driver update from the USB Ethernet adapter vendor?

There’s a description of MAC Passthrough at:

You want to somehow replace the MAC of the USB Ethernet Adapter with the MAC of the HP laptop. If you can’t find a driver or firmware that will do the job, and you can’t allow the MAC of the USB Ethernet Adapter of the dock to have access (computers can have more than one MAC), then you need to use a USB Ethernet Adapter that supports passthrough – either by replacing the dock (the HP dock works) or connecting a separate USB Ethernet adapter (possibly one that is the same as the one used in the HP dock).

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