Use Mini DisplayPort Slot to Output 4k120fps on LG C9 TV

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I have the MSI GL65 RTX 2070 laptop which only has a mini dp slot and HDMI 1.4 slot. It does have a USB-C slot but I don’t know if it can output video (correct me if I am wrong).

Is there any way to output 4K120FPS on my LG C9 from this laptop? What combination of wires can I get to do this?

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0 on 05-03-2021

Hi rr125,

To be able to awnser this correctly I need to know which version of miniDP your notebook has and if it supports DSC 1.2.

Version 1.2 or 1.4, I can not find it anywhere so hopefully you have the manual telling it. Otherwise check this with MSI.

Regarding the USB-C same issue, can’t find info about it. You need to know if it supports Alt mode.

If the mDP is 1.4 you should technically be able to use a CAC-1085 with a converter from mDP to DP. and then use a CAC-1372 (max 2 meters) Ultra High Speed cable. But I do not recommand this at all simply due to having something between the adapter and the GFX is not good for signal, all kind of random things can happen.

If the USB-C does support Alt-mode and DSC1.2. You should wait a bit. Club 3D is working on a USB-C to HDMI 2.1 adapter. Use that in combination with a CAC-1372 and you are golden.

The answer isn’t great but hopefully it helps abit. Good luck!


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