using multiple MST hub on Firepro cards

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1 on 31-10-2016

I’m new to this and would like to connect 8 full HD monitors to achieve (7680x2160px desktop resolution, 4 across, 2 vertical) using a Firepro W7000 by using either:
A) two CSV 5400
B) four CSV 5200

Would anyone know which method works?
Thank you for your help

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Hello kh,

With Card made for Distribution Channel the all support 6 screens in total as long as they have a DP1.2 ouput. For FirePro i am not sure, but i seriously doubt that you can cannoct more than 6 screens to a W7000. Hard to find definite info on it since AMD would like you to buy a W600 or even a W9100, bt i am quite sure a W7000 will work with a CSV-5300A generating a toal of 6 x DP ouput as a max.

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