Using the USB for a keybaord on the CSV-1530

Updated on 05-04-2017 in Docking Station
3 on 31-03-2017

I’m using the CSV-1530 docjking station and the USB port doesn’t seem to work e.g. with a keyboard. Does anyone have a solution?

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2 on 04-04-2017

Good day Jan-Willem,

Sorry to get back to you so late, it took a while before i got feedback form R&D on your question 🙁
According to there findings, when connecting the USB Keyboard ( in your case) and Ehternet Cable first, and than latest the power cable to USB TYpe C, it should work.
When connecting the power cable first, it could lead to issues like you have encountered.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

on 04-04-2017

Thank you for your reply. Does the CSV-1530 get its power from the computers USB-C port as well?

on 05-04-2017

it supports upstream and downstream Pwoer Delivery.
So yes Downstream: it can provide power for keyboad/mouse or whatever you connect to the USB Type A port which it drwas form the source. And of course the Docking itself also need (although very little) power. 
Upstream; ou can connect the PowerAdapter of the notebook to the Type C port to the docking and the docking to the notebook, this way usiong the docking and feeding the Notebook at the same time.

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