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6 on 04-05-2015

Screen resolution shows VMM2300 DEMO
I have a Radeon HD6700 that I would like tu use with 4 screens
2 of which are IIYAMA with 1920×1040 resolution (currently hooked up to the MST HUB)
2 other Samsung screens hooked to DVI Ports of the card, they have a slighlty higher resolution 1920×1200

I get a VMM2300 DEMO resolution on the first 2 screens which show as 1 single screen and one of the screens sparkles.

How can I resolve this issue ?

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5 on 07-05-2015

Can you provide us the make and model of the graphics card you are using and also the MST Hub model?

Thank you in advance.

on 11-05-2015

Hi Paul

Graphics card is AMD RADEON HD 6700

Not sure about the HUB version, it is 5300 series but where can i locate a reference or serial number ?


on 12-05-2015

this is the reference i have

Product Name: Club 3D Multi Stream Transport (MST) Hub Display Port 1-3
Product Series: Sense Vision
Item Code: CSV-5300
EAN Code: 8717249411918

on 19-05-2015

Sorry for the late reply, was not able to access the net in the past week.
Please install the latest OMEGA driver and please make sure you go to the Catalyst control center to set up the displays.
Detail the Catalyst driver you have installed at this moment.
Thank you in advance.

on 19-05-2015


catalyst is the Omega 14.12 catalyst version.
I just tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling, same issue.

Nothing has changed

on 19-05-2015

Hi Isebah,
Please service the product at the shop where you made the purchase. If you have problems please send a mail at [email protected]

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