Voltage range on Multi Stream Transport (MST) Hub DisplayPort 1.2 Triple Monitor?

Updated on 07-05-2016 in MST Hub
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Dear Forum.

I am considering purchasing the Multi Stream Transport (MST) Hub DisplayPort 1.2 Triple Monitor and have a few questions:

(a) I am hoping to use this in both the US and in Ireland. Does this device have a voltage range such that I would be able to use in either location with only having to use a regular travel adapter (similar to a laptop)?

(b)  I see in the user manual it gives samples of some different possible single, dual and triple configurations. However, while the sample of triple configuration is a higher total resolution than I’m trying, the configuration I’m hoping to use isn’t listed. I’m hoping to use 3×1920*1200 monitors (DVI inputs on the monitor). Has anyone had success/problems with the 3×1920*1200 monitor configuration?

(3) I’m anticipating using Displayport to DVI cables to go from the device to the monitors. Is there anything specific regarding said cables that I should be aware of when looking to purchase?

Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide!!

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