What’s the difference between the CAC 1070 and the CAC 2070?

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5 on 24-04-2018

From what I can see of the specs, they offer the same: both are DP 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 active adapters, except they’re shaped slightly differently. Both appear to offer the same 4K UHD 4096x 2160p @ 60Hz 4:4:4 chroma @ 8 bit.
I’m in Canada and looking on Amazon.ca they are maybe $2 difference in price. Is there any difference other than cosmetic shape of the adapter and packaging?

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4 on 24-04-2018

Good day Strohmwell,

Very good 🙂
that is it indeed … the shape and packaging. Chip inside is the same, specs are the same.

on 24-04-2018

Thanks for the quick response 🙂

I also wanted to know if the:

Club 3D CAC-1080 Active DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.0b HDR Adapter (Support Displays upto 4k/UHD/4096x2160 at60Hz HDR)
Club 3D CAC-1080

is backwards compatible with DP 1.2 outputs to HDMI 2.0 in on monitor / TV?

on 25-04-2018

Yes it is, just the HDR won’t the rest will work just fine

on 25-04-2018


on 26-04-2018

very welcome

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