Where’s all the 6m-10m latest cables (HDMI 2.1 / DP 1.4) long?

8 on 06-02-2023

I’ve a couple of old PC’s with DP 1.4/1.2 in rooms where the distance to the 4k (HDR10+) TVs are a little farther than 5.5 meters.

I’m using CAC-1080 (DP 1.4 to HDMI 2.0b) + CAC-2312 (HDMI 2.0 5m) and after 2 years looks like there’s a little more “Signal lost” and need to unplug-plug again the CAC-1080 adapter, so now I’m looking to find a 1 straight cable without the adapter.

Can’t seems to find any DP 1.4 male to HDMI 2.1 male over 5+ meters. Looks like there’s only 1 product and it’s 3m.

Also about 20m+ optical cables, why? Where’s all the 6m-10m HDMI 2.1?

What else can I do or look for?



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7 on 08-02-2023

There are no +3m adapter cables due to the loss of signal. Most adapters don’t like to go over 3 meters as well.

In general copper cables do not like to go over 5 meters and turn in to loss of signal.

Why 20M AOC cables? Beamers, PC on the attic TV in the living room, so why not?

For 10 meter you can use a CAC-1376.

on 08-02-2023

Thanks for the reply.

Really thought there will be some kind of progress regarding copper/adapters 5+ meters, now in 2023.


Sorry for not been clearer regarding to “Why 20m AOC..”, I meant why there’s no AOC under 10m. (Off course 20m+ are great.) 🙂


BTW, CAC-1376: Guess I missed this one, never seen on stores catalog In my country (while all other products do exist), will search global, thanks again.




on 08-02-2023

Where are you located?

Cost effectiveness would be my guess. 6 meters would be compared to the 10 meters cost almost as much to create.

on 08-02-2023

Yep, AOC 10m is ok, as I mention it was totally missing from the catalog here in Israel.


on 08-02-2023

I don’t know to which catalog you are refering but you might be able to get it trough these guys?

on 08-02-2023

yeah, this is 400% jump in price and all I need is 6m. So as you can see KSP store don’t have the 10m.


on 09-02-2023

I was thinking…. Will you use an adapter to convert the signal or use the AOC directly? Because with an adapter the AOC will not work…

What about the CAC-1375 + CAC-1322? Extend a 5 meter with 1 extra meter?

on 09-02-2023

I understand the confusion because I asked 2 different questions.

  • 2 rooms with a little old PCs with DP 1.4 and a distance of 5.6m to the 4K TV.

You Answered: No there’s no 1 adapter cable over 3m straight from DP.1.4 Male to HDMI 2.1 Male.

 Me: OK. Bummer, but ok will keep the old adapter.

  • Living room with newer PC with HDMI 2.1 and distance of 6m to new 8K TV.

You Answered: Find CAC-1376 10m

 Me: Not exist near me, Cost effectiveness looks good, will search for.

You: or CAC-1375 + CAC-1322

 Me: CAC-1375 is great but again CAC-1322 not in store near me, will need to search for, ok, got it.

So, thanks again Baak for taking your time to help me and you definitely did.

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