Which CLUB3D DisplayPort->HDMI will run 1080p@75Hz

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I hope this question doesn’t sound noobish.

I currently have an LG 23MP68VQ which has Freesync support at 75Hz over HDMI. As it is a cheap monitor, I’m thinking of purchasing a second one and running a dual display, but unfortunately the only HDMI port is already occupied, meaning I’m left with 3x DP and 1x DVI. I’m aware that Freesync will not work over DVI so DP is my only option.

I’m currently testing my first monitor with a DP->HDMI active adapter but I’m only getting 60Hz. When I try to set it to 75Hz in custom resolution in Crimson, it won’t allow it. 

My question is, which CLUB3D adapter will be able to pass a signal through the DP port on my R9 390 (Sapphire Nitro) to the HDMI port of the monitor at 1080p@75Hz thus allowing me to run Freesync.

Or is it a case of not a possibility due to the nature of converting a DP signal to a HDMI signal? I’m actually not very well versed in this area, so any insight would be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance.

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2 on 06-12-2016

I would like to add that I was able to change my refresh rate to 65Hz in the custom resolution. Could this mean that I’m being limited by my adapter/HDMI cable? Or does it not work like that? 

Thanks again.

on 07-12-2016

Hi Chkenwing,

It could very well be that the DP to HDMI adapter you now have is limited to that frequency. Our most advanced DP to HDMI adapter apllicable to this case is the CAC-1070. It is a DP1.2 to HDMI2.0 Active Adapter that supports resolutions up to 3840x2160p at 60Hz , and although i did not test it (dont have an LG23MP68VQ here), i cannot imagine that it does not support 1080p at 75 Hz …
Make sure ot use a good quality HDMI Cable, preferrably an Premium High Speed version or with support for 18Gbps (liek our CAC-1310).

on 08-12-2016

Hi MST1407,

I’ve actually alleviated the problem by running the AMD/ATi Pixel Clock Patcher and I am now able to run 1080p@75Hz through my generic DP>HDMI.

Although this is a software patch and I’m not sure whether this would cause problems with my monitor in the long run so I may purchase the adapters that you have suggested.

Thanks for your help!

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