Will the 390 fit?

Updated on 04-09-2015 in R9 390 Series
1 on 03-09-2015

I looked at the website dimensions on the Club 3D 390 card and it says 305mm, I measured my case’s clearance and its about 308.5, just took my Asus 280x’s length and added the remaining gap from card to case.
Is the 305mm accurate? or will I have problems getting this in? is there any thing I can do to make it fit better?
Case: Deepcool Tesseract BL
Deepcool says its max GPU size is 310mm.

I just dont want to get the card and have it not fit.

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0 on 04-09-2015

Hello HyeVltg3,

The card measures 29cm inside the case from bracket to end. Since the power connectors
are on top  of the card this will not add to the lenght. Should fit wihtout any issue.

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