Wishing to drive 4k monitor from older laptop…

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I am hoping to use CSV-3203 SenseVision USB 3.0 + Dual Mini DisplayPort MST Docking Station on my Sony Vaio E-Series sve1713z1eb (specs below)
My primary wish it to drive a single external monitor at 4k resolution, 60Hz.
I like the idea of a docking station to increase my single USB 3.0 to multiple.

Would the above product be suitable for this, given the lower maximum native resolution of the laptop & lack of native DisplayPort (only HDMI / VGA)?

I do not yet have the monitor or docking station – so if there are other options, these may be feasible.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

CSV-3203 details:
Laptop spec:

  • Intel® Core™ i7-3632QM Quad Core Processor
  • 17.3″ Full HD Screen
  • Microsoft Windows 10 64bit
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • Dedicated 7650M 2GB Graphics
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Good day JuJu,

Sorry but no that wont work.
A CSV-3203 is indeed a very nice Dokcing solution, but does require you to make use of the Mini-DP uplink, so if your Notebook does not have that …. it wont go.
In fact i don’t think your Notebook is capable of outputiing a higher reolution than 3840×2160 30Hz , but you can get that from the HDMI output you have directly already …
We currently do not have a solution that would enable you to run a 4K 60Hz screen off your notebook.
Sorry 🙁

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Many thanks for your answer

Just to be clear – would my laptop would still need a graphics adapter of some sort to allow even 30Hz output of 4k through HDMI?

(presumably the CSV-3203 would facilitate that, though that would be overkill?)

In your opinion – and I ask simply as someone without prior experience of or access to the technology, is a 4k 30Hz set up “comfortable” to work with as an office machine, NOT using animation, video etc., just needing to utilise high res for large flow diagrams? (and certainly no gaming!!!).

Again, thanks.


on 29-03-2017

Hi Julian,

The integrated graphics of your notebook does the work also when using the CSV–3203. There are indeed Docking sations that have a Graphics Chip inside which might enable use of more screens and/or resolutions that the notebook cannot do. But again not in the case of the CSV-3203.
For normal office use 3840×2160 at 30Hz is fine. 60Hz is mainly interesting when playing games of making use of other “moving content”. If you are not really using animation / video’s, then 30Hz will be sufficient. 
Please do check with Sony/Manual that the HDMI output is in fact 1.4 spec and therefore supports 3840×2160 at 30Hz.
If it does not you could solve that problem by connecting one of these Docking Stations with Integrated Graphics to make that 3840×2160 30Hz signal for you:
CSV-3103D http://www.club-3d.com/index.php/products/reader.en/product/sensevision-usb-30-4k-docking-station.html

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Thank you very much!

I really appreciate your help.


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