WORKING! MINI Display Port 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 – 2013 MAC PRO (trashcan)

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8 on 05-04-2016

I am so happy that this worked, I had to sign up here to post about it ūüôā

I couldn’t find much¬†information of similar setups on the internet so I just bought the adapter hoping it may work, and it did, thanks CLUB 3D!!!¬†Product models listed at the bottom of post for reference:

I now run the two displays from my Mac Pro, the thunderbolt display at 2560 x 1440 and my Samsung LED at 2560 x 1440 at 60hz via the Club 3D adapter. I can confirm it also works at up to 2160p at 60hz too, it’s just too small for me to read as a computer monitor.

I almost gave up until I realised that I needed to restart my Mac for it to take effect lol. The difference is amazing, I’m not sure how I used to put up with the mouse lag¬†at 30hz.

The two tricks to get it working were:

  • The HDMI cable out of the adapter into the TV has to be¬†plugged into the “HDMI DVI” input on the TV.
  • Also¬†in the picture settings¬†on the TV, the “HDMI UHD Colour” needs to be¬†turned on.

Hope this helps someone else. ūüôā



New Mac Pro (2013 trashcan model) – OSX 10.11.4 (El Capitan), one HDMI 1.4 port only.

Apple 27″ Thunderbolt Display – connected via thunderbolt to Mac Pro.

Samsung UA40JU6400 UHD LED TV – This model also does not have HDMI 2.0 ports.

A standard 3m¬†HDMI cable – connected to Club3D adapter into the “HDMI DVI” input of Samsung.

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6 on 06-04-2016

Hi bs44, thank you for joining our forum and for sharing this info!

If it’s OK with you we are happy to share your findings with other users.¬†

in regards to the small letters on the 40″ Samsung panel, are you able to make the text and pictograms larger in OSX?¬†

on 06-04-2016

For sure!¬†I’ve added below a couple more higher res photos. Let me know if you need any more.¬†

on 06-04-2016

You can make everything bigger in OSX finder (text, spacing, the sidebar etc) but really depends on how adjustable your third party programs are that you use. 

I run my Samsung UHD TV & Thunderbolt Display both at 2560 x 1440¬†(retina), as the TV still renders at that at 4K and does not actually put out 1440p,¬†so while I’m at a lower resolution from the computer, the TV stays on 3840×2160 at 60hz if that makes sense. It’s crystal clear (alot better than the¬†oversized¬†1080p).
But if you wanted to work at 4K for video editing, photoshopping etc, then it definitely works perfectly. 

on 09-09-2016

[won’t let me edit above.. so apologies for the duplicate, but I had some more info to add]¬†
Thanks for the detailed information, I bought the club 3d adapter based on your experience. I have a question about the steps you did to get set up to the end result of 60Hz. I have the exact same setup, mac pro trash can running Yosemite and a samsung (ku6300) 4k uhd. I was unable to get the 60hz without using switchresx (which is in trial mode now) and creating a custom setting (as recommended by the paper included in the box). Did you have to use the switchresx¬†app as well, or were able to get 60hz by just plugging it in? Thanks in advance! If anyone from club 3d wants to chime in, I’m all ears ūüôā

on 09-09-2016

Hey mate, no, I didn’t need to run any apps etc. just plug the adapter in, make sure the UHD Colour mode is on, restart both computer and the TV, also make sure your plugged your HDMI into the “DVI HDMI” input on your tv.¬†

In saying that, it’s highly likely¬†not working because your still running¬†Yosemite, alot of 4K support was added in El Capitan. ¬†


Let me know how you go. 

on 09-09-2016

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m in the HDMI/DVI input with the UHD colour mode on, I did the reboot but didn’t restart the tv. I’ll try that now after disabling switchresx and report back.
If it doesn’t work, you’re probably right, it may be the OS limitations. I’m not sure if I’m ready to go up to El Capitain just yet, it’s my music studio rig… I’ll report back if I decide to upgrade (after a bit of research about my other software compatibility) and share the results.
Appreciate your input.

on 09-09-2016

Nice,¬†you should have no problems upgrading to el capitan now, 99% of software is compatible by now. And could almost guarantee thats the issue ūüôā¬†

Keep us posted

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0 on 06-04-2016

Thank you for the pics and additional info!

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