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My name is Julian, I love your cards they are beautiful and FAST. I purchased 2 R9 290’s (Royal King version) and I love them. They are paired with an AMD 8150 running at 4.25GHZ and 32 GBs of G skill 1866 RAM on an ASUS 990FX Sabretooth GEN3. My cards have a little switch that is not labeled does it do anything or is it leftover from the 290X?
My second question…. Why is their no badging for your cards? I was excited when the cards went on sale for $350.00 so I bought 2!!! My system is housed in a Cooler Master HAFX which has an FX sticker, a G Skill sticker, an ASUS sticker, and  a Corsair sticker. But alas no Club 3D sticker for one of the most powerful components in my build!!! ANYWAY, what does the switch do?

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Hi MasterBuilder,

They switch on the card is a Bios Switch. These cards get 2 times the same bios at factory, so if you want to flash one, you don’t have to worry if it goes wrong, just put the switch to to other side and your ready to go again !
We do have some Cas Badges in the house, but you are right, we currently don’t bundle those.
I will suggest to start doing that again, see waht feedback i get :-)

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