280x Royal Queen Driver Leads to BSOD on startup.

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5 on 25-09-2015

Hi i got this new graphic card and i am trying to make it work. I bought it used knowing it had issue so i got it for very cheap. I dont have ton of cash and i had a dire need for a new dx11 capable card. The card works fine until the Driver are installed then after the reboot it gives me a BSOD.

Ive already erased all the old Drivers, ive reset the card Bios, I tried older Driver and now im on last stable driver. all were cleanly wiped. i also tried this http://windows7themes.net/en-us/fix-atikmpag-sys-atikmdag-sys-blue-screen-errors-bsod/ to no avail.

Here is the Minidump in txt:

here is the sysdata.xml :

Here is the report from blue screen viewer :

Bug Check Code:
Parameter 1:
Parameter 2:
Parameter 3
Parameter 4
Caused by driver:
Caused By Adress:
Crash Adress:

If anyone could help me pinpoint reason for this, and hopefully a solution. Id really like to get this card to work.

Here is the rest of the computer:
AMD Phenom II x6 1045t 270 GHZ.
8GB Ram
Mobo Asus M5A97 EVO
650W cooler Master 80 Plus PSU

Thanks for the help and cheers!

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0 on 25-09-2015

Hi ModestAxis,

BSOD are normally either a software- or Memory related.
This one sounds like a software issue, probably caused by a Windows Update.

Please try this:
Make sure Windows is fully updated.
Check if mainboard bios is updated with latest version (sounds abit weird but often helps a lot)

Boot up system in safe mode (pressing F8 during boot). Uninstall all graphics related software including driver catalyst software and also Benchmark software (like Afterburner) etc.

If you cannot un-install certain software in safe mode, please use a software program like DisplayDriverUnstaller “DDU” http://www.wagnardmobile.com/DDU/

After this is done boot up normally and Windows will ask to install driver for the “new hardware”, just close that.
Go to: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Windows%207%20-%2064
to dowload and install the latest driver.

For WIN7 i think the 13.9 is also a very good and stable Catalyst driver version.

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0 on 25-09-2015

i just did it and same problem arise.

any other idea?

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If at all possible try the Graphics Card in a different system to make sure the Card is ok .

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its not the system the card is known to have this issue i was just wondering if there was something to do to fix it

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Well if it is not the software, than the chance is quite large it is the memory that is failing.
Not really something you can easily replace or anything like that. You could try to cool it
better by adding new/better cooling paste/tape.

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