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I received my new 290x royalace yesterday. And so far I am very happy with it!

I do have one question, on the card there is a bios switch. I assume the two bios versions are the “Uber mode” and the “Quiet mode”, which will only affect fan speeds. But I can’t find anywhere which setting is which. The button shows a 1 and 3, I think (at work so cannot check it at the moment). So which bios is under which number and are there any other differences beside the two modes (if there are differences at al)??

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  • Quiet Mode” – Bios position one. Switch is in position closest to where you plug in your displays. This mode is designed to optimally suit a gamer that wants to keep a tight lid on acoustics. If you do not play with headphones, you do not have a high end gaming chassis, or your room’s ambient noise level is extremely low this may be the mode for you.
  • Uber Mode” – Bios position two. Switch is in position furthest away to where you plug in your displays

The Uber mode will increase the performance but not a huge difference. It will increase the fan speed.
Please switch when the PC is switched off or the mode will not be running.

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