4k 120hz doesn’t work with Nvidia Surround Triples, but works separately?

4 on 19-01-2021

When I use the CAC 1085 for 3 individual 4k 120 tv’s, I can get them to work in the windows display setting. Nvidia Geforce Control panel also shows each individual tv as 4k 120hz.

However, when I try to activate Nvidia Surround for triple monitors, I can’t get the 12288 x 2160 to lock in at 120hz. It has the option, but when I select it, the screen goes black and then reverts back to 60hz. Has anyone figured out how to do 120hz with surround?

Strangely, when I ran the triples individually at 4k 120hz, the monitors look blurry when using iracing. Using Nvidia Surround at 4k 60hz looks clearer. Should that be the case?

I am using a 3090 FTW EVGA card.

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2 on 19-01-2021

Hi Achilles99,

Can you try and downgrade your Nvidia drivers to 456.38 and see what happens?

How long are the cables you are using? In combination with the CAC-1085?

Even then, I think that 12K120Hz is not possible over the 3090… Might be an option to ask this question on the EVGA forums as well.

on 19-01-2021

Hi, i can confirm that 12K@120Hz is posible with 456.71 and 456.98. Drivers 457, 460 and 461 series only enable 12K@60Hz.

I own a Gigabyte AORUS Master 3090 connected (in surround mode) to 3 x LG OLED 55 C9.

For that im using 2 x HDMI 2.1 output in 3090 and for the 3rd output i use a Club3D CAC-1085 DP 1.4 to HDMI 2.1

I sended a display driver form in nvidia explaning that. No response of course, but it could be a change in DSC 1.2 implementation at driver level, who knows…..

on 20-01-2021

Hi Linfatyk,

I’m not jealous at all….

Happy to hear it works like that.


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0 on 19-01-2021

Funny, Linus just did triple 4k surround 🙂

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