6 screens with HD 7850

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hi there,
my setup is with a Club 3D Radeon HD 7850 card, with 6 mini-displayport outputs.

I need to extend to 6 displays (ie different content on 6 screens). I don’t need EyeFinity or duplication of displays

I have 6 identical 24″ monitors, with DVI, VGA, and HDMI
I have 6 miniDP to HDMI cables (presumably passive).

from reading other threads it seems like I need a certain number of active rather than passive adapters/cables

at the moment I can extend to 5 displays only. The 6th display is recognised but can’t be enabled or extended to…

So how many active adapters are required please? Is it just one or do I need more than that?


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1 on 13-05-2015

Dear mercato353, thank you for getting in contact with us. 

The mDP to HDMI cables you are mentioning are so called ‘type 2’ cables which means they support the HDMI 1.4 features like 4K @ 30Hz support. They are passive though. 

For a multi monitor setup with extended displays the requirements are not the same as for an Eyefinity 6 setup. But even for a setup with extended displays we recommend to use at least 2 active mDP to HDMI adapters like our CAC-1153 cable: 


on 13-05-2015

Thank you I have 2 CAC-1153 on order and I will update the thread when I get a chance to try them out. Apologies for the duplicate thread which wasn’t intentional

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