886/5000 R9 280X RoyalQueen spacers

Updated on 06-08-2018 in R9 280 Series
1 on 04-08-2018

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, I have been looking for some time for the distance bolts for the radiator and the screws.
The card has always served me well, but I wanted to cleanse you well because it was pretty dusty.
Unfortunately, when I first loosened your screw broke off, I’m actually technically gifted.
Now I have the problem that the screw is stuck in the bolt and the screw head with the spring lying around.
Wanted to ask if anyone knows where I get 4 new bolts with screws best?
Can I send the Club 3D because maybe which? Even against payment for a guarantee is no more.
At that time Sapphire also had the fans sent to me for my R9 270X Nitro after the warranty period.

Already looked at Ebay but unfortunately found no M2 bolt with the appropriate length.

Kind regards
Major Metal

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0 on 06-08-2018

Good day MajorMetal,

I am very sorry to inform you that we do not have any spare parts anymore.
We stopped selling Graphics Cards end 2015 and since then are completely focussed on High Quality Connectivity Products.

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