CAC-1070 dropping signal

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9 on 12-05-2017

A couple times an hour on average my CAC-1070 will drop signal long enough for my screen to have to flash and then reconnect.  I see this in plenty comments on amazon. When will this be fixed?

VIZIO P502ui-B1E 50″
Powercolor 390x dual core Devils 11
plenty of hdmi cables

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0 on 12-05-2017

Good day TeabagXpress,

I do knwo that CrossFire and/or SLI can be “in the way” of CAC-1070 / CAC-1170 functioning in a proper manner. Is there any way to disable Crosffire with the Dual R9 390X Card you have ?

In general:

  • Setup

Setups with TV’s normally work best by making a custom resolution, in this case for: 3840*2160 at 60 Hz with Timing Standard set to CVT-RB (Reduced Blanking).

(For setups with Monitors Timing Standard can remain on “auto”.)

On most TV’s you will need to do some settings like “Enhanced Mode”/ “PC-Mode” and/or “UHD Color” for the HDMI 2.0 port in use. 

Please make sure the HDMI port of the Screen/TV supports 4K 60 Hz, often not all HDMI inputs support that.

Please make sure the Software of the TV is updated

Please make sure the HDMI Cable is capable of 4K 60Hz / 18Gbps.


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7 on 12-05-2017

I dont think so AMD is a trash company, we are lucky their products work. Not really any settings for them. They actually used to have this really crappy setting software called CCC but thats been mostly abandoned  and removed from their suite after a decade of them not making it work properly (even though its the only way to quick/deep change resolutions xD).
And not that it matters but i said i had a devils 11 and i meant 13.

on 15-05-2017

you tried a clean driver installation already ?

Especially when using the upgrade feature to update drivers can give issues, because old files can remain in the registry of windows and can be “in the way”.

Please make a new clean driver installation to make sure that part is ok.

 Please uninstall the current Graphics driver and all related Graphics software like Afterburner/GPU-Z or whatever graphics related software you might have installed. Best way to remove Driver Software is to boot Windows in Safe mode, so the registry can also be cleaned. When your system does not allow you to do that, you can also use a program like DDU to remove such software:  

Reboot and manually download and install 16.8.3 graphics driver (don’t let auto installer from Windows do that). You can find that here:
a newer version if you prefer … (but please do not use any driver from 16.9.1 ~ 16.12.1); here you can find listing of drivers …


on 15-05-2017

yeah ive done that when i was first having these problems when i first bought this. I was forced to cause AMD kept messing up things with their new software and was hoping i could “fix” it but it was simply they just ruined their software further

on 17-05-2017

sorry to hear this. I mean i kow that Crossfire is sometimes a “pain” certianl yi ncombination with other devices especially when those are active. I was not aware that the drivers were still having such issues as you are having …
I will ask support to send you the latest firmware so that is up to date.

on 18-05-2017

no, crossfire is useless. Turns out AMD has to write code for each game to support it and AMD wont even fix problems from 8-12 years ago. their software update in fact was designed to remove functionality they introduced 8-12 years ago, but never fixed. So needless to say i havent played one game from 2016-2017 that supports crossfire. All along i was blaming ubisoft till i found out its actually AMD who is supposed to support it.
  I couldnt update club3d dongle myself when i tried with the first set of problems. I had to get a new one out. I mean i *thought* it updated but the old dongle i had didnt work at all even after the firmware update and the new one you sent did work.

on 18-05-2017

ok well good to hear the Adapter is ok and sorry that your Graphics Card or Driver Software is giving you issues.
I am afraid i am not able to solve that for you 🙁

on 22-05-2017

would sound like a legit cop out if it didnt do it on my previous gfx card i have over there in the drawer too

on 23-05-2017

I know many end users have AMD R9 series running with Vizio TV’s off a CAC-1070, working just fine. So that is not the issue here. Vizio TV’s after Frimware version 0x23 have not been any known combination issue with. That ould leave HDMI Cable and Crossfire …

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