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11 on 10-02-2023

I also bought cac-1335 for xbox s with the same problem only 1080p 120hz, can someone help me?
monitor xiaomi mi curved 34

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10 on 13-02-2023

Are you using a DisplayPort 1.4 cable?

And disable G-Sync if possible.

on 14-02-2023
I have bought a new cable 1.4 it does the same thing 1080p 120hz -1440p 60hz
on 15-02-2023

Are you able to provide a link with the exact monitor specs?

Have your tried both DisplayPort inputs on the display?

on 18-02-2023

Monitor xiaomi mi curved 34 I try again same thing

on 18-02-2023

on 20-02-2023

As far as I know the Xbox S does not support 21:9 resolutions at all. No adapter will help you with this problem.

on 20-02-2023

but 16:9 1440p 120hz should be possible
This is only possible if the xbox series s gets the right edid.

on 20-02-2023

The cac-1335 needs a firmware update for this

on 20-02-2023

Support said this is complicated.
So i guess it might not be possible to fix the adapter

on 20-02-2023

Using an Edid manipulator worked fine for me:


CAC-1335/1336 VRR

on 27-02-2023
if there is an upgrade to the adapter for xbox s you will see how many people will buy the cac-1335 product
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