Can i use 3 Displays on a single card without an MST hub?

Updated on 30-07-2015 in R9 280 Series
3 on 24-07-2015

Two of my monitors would be conected via miniDP and the other one on a dvi to vga adapter now im not shure if that will work or not…

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2 on 29-07-2015

Dear Gezoriugi, thank you for contacting us. Can you share information about your setup? Many cards support a triple screen (Eyefinity) setup but require (at least) one active adapter cable to make it work. 

on 29-07-2015

Thanks thats all what i wantet to hear, cause im not going to buy an active adapter
 what means im going back to two Monitors. (Im also not using Eyefinity)

My Setup: 
GPU: 2x Club3D R9 280X
Cpu: Intel 4790K @4.6Ghz
Ram: 20Gb. (mixed and matched)
Psu: 850W Super Flower Leadex

2X Samsung S24C350
1X Acer X223w

(the stuff that i didn’t mentioned is less important anyway)

on 30-07-2015

If you don’t use Eyefinity you should be able to get a triple screen setup working directly from the card. But the Acer monitor you mention seems to have a VGA (analog) input only. Since the 280X only features digital outputs you would need an active adapter to from either mDP to VGA or DVI-D to VGA.

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