Club3D CSV-5300A problem

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Dear all,
I have bought a CSV-5300A for my setup as following:
DELL M6800 mobile workstation + E-Port Plus Port Replicator with USB 3.0 (Docking station with 2 PD1.2)
– 32 GB DDR3 RAM & Intel i7 4900mq processor & Quadro K5100m

windows 7 configuration:
nVidia Optimus OFF – Intel GPU not used and all screens driven by the Quadro k5100m
DP 1.2 – (DP1 on the docking station without MST): Wacom Cintiq 27 QHD running @ 2560×1440 @ 10 bit
DP 1.2 – (DP2 on the docking station with MST): EIZO CG277 running @ 2560×1440 @ 10 bit + EIZO CG246 running @ 1920×1200 @ 10 bit

All monitor are connected with high quality cables no longer that 36 meters:

No matter, what the combination of the connection of these top of the line screens are, when running signal via the CSV-5300a, I always notice some weird lines on my screen, flickering every 5 or 10 seconds, sometimes the screen drops out. I have no issues like this when using the MST hub from Startech:

Is there anyhow possible, to correct this issue? Should I return my Club3D MST hub back? Even the PSU is connected to a regulated APC SmartUPS 1000.

Thank you for your help and care,
kind regards,

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Hi Boris,

I am assuming you are using cables no longer than 3 meters (not 36 meters).
That is indeed very weird. 
I have not often heard an MST Hub working and giving such errors … perhaps the Power Adapter of the HUB is not (completely) well functioning … perhaps you can test that with the startech adapter to see if that makes a difference … that should use the same amount of power.
5V 2.4Amp.

on 15-04-2016

Thank you, 
yes, I meant no longer than 3 meters. Well, changing the PSU helped – kinda. Once a while, horizontal lines appears on the screen. Should I create a video about that?

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on 18-07-2016

I am writing after quite a long time. I tried to resolve this problem with DELL prosupport. After several test we discovered, that the DELL Advanced docking station was the problem and after a replacement, all the weird problems disappeared when using the Club3D MST hub. 

My only last problem remaining is waking up my monitors connected via the MST hub. I have seen a discussion about a similar problem:
theClub3D CSV-5300A has a firware sticker saying: FW0.41A.

How can I update the FW on my MST hub?
Thank you for your care and help.
Kind regards,
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