CLUB3D Radeon HD7850 Eyefinity6 2GB 3x5K DELL 27″

Updated on 01-03-2016 in Graphics cards
1 on 25-02-2016

Hello, i want to use 3x 5k TFT (2x DP for each TFT)
can i use this card for this and get 60Hz out of it.
The Card has 6x DP. each TFT needs 2x DP for 5k and 60Hz.
will it work?

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0 on 01-03-2016

Hi Supay,

Wow 3 x 5K Screen 🙂
Theoretically you should be able to do that, i mean looking at the bandwidth side of it.
However although i did not test this, i am quite sure that it won’t run in a proper manner. An HD7850 GPU does not have enough processing power for this …
To be able to run (games for instance)
in 2560x1440p 60Hz in a propper manner you would need a R9 390
in 3840x2160p 60Hz in a proper manner you would need something like R9 Nano / Fury X
So to run 3 times 5120×2880 60Hz i would advise to use 3 x an R9 Fury X Card.

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