Club3D Type C to HDMI 2.0 USB Charging Mini Dock, CSV-1534) NO VIDEO

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2 on 23-03-2017

I have the Club3D Type C to HDMI 2.0 USB Charging Mini Dock, 3A (CSV-1534) a MSI gt62vr laptop and a Samsung 4k tv with UHD color turned on.

I cannot get the tv to display an image at all. Nor can i get my external Logitech mouse/keyboard to connect through wireless either. I can a 4k image to the tv via the laptops mini display port and HDMI port.

I do see when i check device manager that my driver is listed as
6/21/2006 DRIVER VERSION 10.0.14393.0
It states that is the most up to date driver. I have searched and can not find any other possible drivers.

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1 on 23-03-2017

I have updated the drivers from displaylinks site, and that doesn’t change anything on how the docking station is viewed in device manager, or the installed driver it sees either

on 24-03-2017

Good day D1iamond,
Sorry to hear this. 

The CAV-1534 is Plug and play and does not require driver installation.
To be able to send a video signal over USB Type C output, this TYpe C output needs to support DisplayPort Alternate (Alt) Mode. Looking at the MSI website, it does not look like it does, but please check that because without  the USB Type C output supporting Displayport Alt Mode, it will never work.
The CSV-1534 does not have a Displaylink GPU inside, so that software will indeed not help.
What is it that you all want to be able to connect to your notebook ?

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