Coil Whine

Updated on 06-01-2015 in R9 280 Series
0 on 06-01-2015

Hi there,

I recently installed my R9 280 that I bought over the holidays and I am noticing some significant coil while the card is under load. This seems to be a common problem; the sound has been described as similar to a tattooing gun (high-pitched oscillating sound). I have tried to live with it, but it really is an unacceptable level of noise, so I’d like to find out what my options are.

First off, is there a fix? The card has been out for a while now, maybe someone has solved this issue. If not, do I have to go through the RMA process and be without the card for several weeks? Can I exchange the card at the vendor and have them deal with the RMA?


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