Crossfiring R9 280 – Will my Mainboard be a bottleneck?

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I bought the Club3D Radeon R9 280 Royal King 3GB a while ago and it is working great!
I’m planning now to update my configuration with an additional Club3D Radeon R9 280 Royal King 3GB but I’m wondering if my mainboard can handle the gigantic mass of data flowing over it.

I succesfully tested my mainboard with 2 Radeon R9 255’s (spare parts) and Crossfire is working correctly, so that’s not the question. I also have an powerfull enough PSU.

The CPU is an Intel Quad Core 930 (4×2.8Ghz + HT)
The mainboard is an Asus P6T
The System Bus is 6.4 GT/S
It has 2x pciE 2.0 x16 busses

Will the data generated by 2 of these supercards overrun my mainboard or should things just work out?
Does it have enough bandwidth?

Thank you for your response!

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0 on 23-11-2015

Hello Benjamin,

That should not e an issue.
Tests pointed out that there’s hardly any difference between CPI Express 3.0 and 2.0 and also not much difference X16 and X8. So if you have 2 x PCI-Express X16 slots you should be fine !
Of cause as time progresses, the performance of the Graphics cards improve and the bandwidth of a PCI-Express Slot could become a bottle neck. However with your configuration you should be quite ok.

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