CSV-1460 Charging?

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Hy all.

I was wondering if the new USB 3.0 Dual Display 4K60Hz Docking Station (CSV-1460) will be charging my Macbook 12″ (2016), if I connect it to it via the USB-C Port?
If not, would it be possible to use an adapter, that turns my one USB-C Port into two and use one for charging and the other for the dock?

Cheers & thanks

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Good day Woiz,

The CSV-1460 does not support upstream charging, so no charging the Notebook thrue/from the docking station.
Depending on your connectivity needs/wishes, we do have these mini dockings that have a USB C port for charging:
CSV-1530 = Mini Dock, USB C to Gigabit Ehternet + USB3.0 + USB C for charging
CSV-1532 = Mini Dock, USB C to VGA + USB3.0 + USB C for charging
CSV-1534 = Mini Dock, USB C to HDMI 2.0 (4K 60Hz) + USB2.0 + USB C for charging
CSV-1537 = Mini Dock, USB C to DisplayPort 1.2 + USB2.0 + USB C for charging
CSV-1560 = USB C MST Charging Docking Station
This one uses MST feature for Dual Screen support which is not supported by MAC OS so you can connect 2 external screens but they will show the same picture.If you will only connect 1 screen, this one would be perfect.

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