CSV-1460 USB Ports don’t work?!

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12 on 19-12-2017

I just bought the CSV-1460 docking station.  4k @60hz works perfectly well, I really like it.  Cool.
But none of the USB ports at the docking station works.  Tried multiple USB devices.  None gets recognized by the laptop connected to CSV-1460.  CSV-1460 is connected to the laptop using the originally supplied USB uplink cable and laptop runs an up-to-date Windows 8.1 OS.  Driver for CSV1460 is most recent (loaded from webpage yesterday).  Any hints?
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0 on 20-12-2017

Can you see anything strange in your Device Manager? Like at the Universal Serial Bus Controllers ?

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7 on 20-12-2017

Nope, all okay.  No devices problematic. One entry under “USB Display Adapters” (USB 3.0 Dual 4K Dock) and in the “USB Controller” section there are many entries but none of which with hints to problems:
– Generic USB Hub  [4 entries]
– Generic Highspeed-USB-Hub (Superspeed) [2 entries]
– Intel 8 Series/C216-Chipset Family – USB enhanced Hostcontroller No. 1 9C26
– Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible hostcontroller – 0100 (Microsoft)
– USB-Root-Hub
– USB-Root-Hub (xHCI)
– USB-Verbundgerät [sorry, don’t know how this is called in an english version of Windows]

on 21-12-2017

Please do this:

Disconnect the CSV-1460, uninstall all DisplayLink Software / Drivers.
Dowload and install latest available DisplayLink driver software for CSV-1460
You can find that here: 

When done reboot.
Now connect the CSV-1460 again and it should work in proper manner.

Please note that use of USB Wifi Senders (for instance for wireless mouse or keybord) can cause isses when placed in the Docking Station. If this happens please use a USB 2.0 extension cable of around 20 cm to be able to place those USB WIFI Sender further away from the Dockign Station so they will not cause interfearence

on 21-12-2017

Thanks for the instructions and fast reply.  I did exactly as you proposed.
Old software: 8.3.2010.0 (downloaded and installed last Sunday)
New version: 8.4.3026.0

No change in behaviour.  USB checks done using Logitech USB Unified Connector (Mouse), and 2 USB sticks.  On the ports, the USB drive does not show the usual LED light indicating a proper connection and supply of electric power.  On each port it just flashes once extremly shortly (<1s) and is off afterwards.  Usually it would light up for ~2sec until connection is made and then flashes until directories are read.

There is no other connection on the laptop.  The only connection on the dock is a Samsung 32″ UHD display via DP (works perfectly at 60Hz).  Laptop is connected to the internet router via WLAN (internal antenna).  Docking station is 30cm away from laptop and 1m away from router.

Any further ideas?  Or should I consider the dock to be DOA and return and exchange?

on 22-12-2017

I am sorry to say, but yes i would suggest you to exchange your product because i am afraid the Docking station is (partly) defective.
Very sorry for the inconvenience.

on 02-01-2018

Finally, I have replaced the unit.  One positive result: USB ports work.  So I assume the first unit was defective and it will be returned later today.  However, the Logitech Unifying Receiver does not work with the docking station.  It simply does not get regognized.  However, I need it to be connected there as my laptop does have no free USB ports.  Any ideas, hints?

on 03-01-2018

Yes just use a USB 2.0 extension cable of around 20 cm to be able to place thatLogitech Unifying thing further away from the Dockign Station so it will not interfear with docking

on 04-01-2018

This is crazy.  Let me describe a bit more in detail. I happen to have two basically identical living locations, about 200km away from each other.  Work equipment is identical – I use 2 100% identical UHD displays, the exact same mouse at each location.  Well, the routers are different and thus WLAN is different, too.  In both locations, the routers are exactly 1meter away from laptop and docking station – in one location to the left, and in the other to the right.  That’s all which is different, everything else is the same.

Now, I also have 2 identical docking stations — I thought one is defective following above malfunctioning USB port report.  Two days ago, I reported the “new” dock to be working, but the Logitech dongle didn’t.  After submitting the report, I checked the “old” dock … and it had the same behaviour (USB sticks work, Logitech doesn’t – not yet check with extension cable). So, in the first flat both docks WORK PARTLY with USB.  Today, I reverted to the second flat. This time with both docks in my luggage.  Very surprisingly: BOTH docking again show the same behaviour: both DO NOT WORK AT ALL with USB.  Neither does Logitech dongle, nor does any available stick.  Extension cable makes no difference. 

Originally, I indented to buy either 1 or 2 identical docks (as I did buy 2 identical monitors, too), but I need USB ports to work with each dock. Or, in other words: in each location.

I am running out of ideas why both docks work in flat 1 and both don’t work properly in the other flat, at identical setups.  Differences which come to my mind: flat 1 sits on 200m higher altitude 🙂 and flat 2 is in use only Mon-Thu 🙂 WTF?!  I am used to do IT troubleshooting (mainly on software side), but I have run out of ideas.  If I don’t find out, I will return 1 dock and keep only 1 (if Logitech dongle works in location 1 with extension cable) instead of both units … 🙁

Any ideas?

on 09-01-2018

Hi Mazze,

Sorry for the late reaction.
And if that is not bad enough you really have a unique issue here!
The only think i can think of is Power …

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2 on 09-01-2018

No problem.  Thanks for your very active involvement and cooperation.  I returned one of the two and will live with just one dock.  On the other hand, I bought a third one for the exact same use case in my business life.  This will take some weeks until the unit arrives, but I will definitely report in this message string if I come accross any comparable unit misbehaviour.

on 11-01-2018

please do, interested to find out more …

on 02-04-2018

meanwhile we have bought half a dozen identical devices for use in the office.  I used one of them to test back home, and it works neatly.
However, suddenly, on this very weekend, my first device stops working with USB ports.  Logitech Unifying Dongle does not work (with a 15cm extension cable), USB drives don’t work any more, any my iPhone also does not connect.  Nothing works.  The only thing which was different to all the last times I used the dock: on Friday, I connected the laptop while running.  Usually, it gets connected before cold start and disconnected after shutdown.  I never use the dock for hot plug and play.  Except for this Friday and since then the problem appears.  Repeatedly.  Even after several restarts of the Win 8.1 laptop, and the docking station has been without power for hours in between.  Device manager does not show anything problematic.  Note that the system gets operated in Germany, we run 220V 16A and very stable.
No need to say this is very annoying … any idea where to look for?

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