flickering / twitch issue on R9 280X royal queen, help please??

Updated on 21-08-2015 in R9 280 Series
12 on 16-06-2015

so ive got a flickering / twitch issue on my new R9 280X royalqueen from club3d, around every 10-20 minutes the screen will twitch or flicker, ive heard this is a gpu bios issue possibly? any help would be very much appreciated. its annoying, and ive just bought this card just a few days ago.

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1 on 17-06-2015

Hi Timo,
Can you detail us when this happens and your system specifications?
Are your cables connected properly to the display?
Please feedback.

on 17-06-2015

yes, what happens is every now and then the image will twitch or flicker, it seems to happen randomly but like every 15-20 minutes but sometimes longer. yes my display cable is HDMI and its firmly connected, ive used it with my old video card and there was no issues. actually its not been twitching as often, it was doing it this morning quite often, but ive not seen it do it in awhile, my system specs are as follows:

CPU:  AMD Athlon X4 860K (Quad-Core)
GPU:  Club3D R9 280X RoyalQueen
RAM: 12 GB DDR3, Corsair & Kingston
SSD:  ADATA SX900 128 GB
HDD:  2 TB Western Digital
PSU:  Corsair CX600M 600 watt
MBD: Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-D3H (rev 3)
OS:  Windows 10 Build 10130 (64-bit)

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9 on 18-06-2015

Hi Timo,
Windows 10 still have some issues with the driver until the final release is available and the AMD WHQL drivers is approved.
For the Gigabyte mainboard BIOS, do you have the #bios”>F8 version?
All check on the Gigabyte site in August when they release the Win 10 drivers as well.
The twich you describe, is it while you are playing games or just on your desktop?
Thanks in advance for your feedback.

on 18-06-2015

yes ive got the F8 bios installed on my motherboard. the twitch / flicker occurs usually while in windows, ive not noticed it while playing games. sometimes it doesn’t occur for awhile and then happens several times in the space of a hour. any other ideas??

on 18-06-2015

Hi Timo,
I see that you have a mix of memory modules, have you checked by just using a set from Corsair or Kingston to see if the memory is causing the problem?
Are you overclocking the system? If yes, can you set it at default settings to see if the problem persist?

on 18-06-2015

yes im running on a mixed pair of ram, my CPU automatically turbos up from 3.7 ghz to 4 ghz, im pretty sure neither of these is to blame tho, but one question i would like to ask would be should the core clock on the royalqueen be 1050 mhz and the memory clock be 1500 mhz, does that sound normal, and the bios select switch is set to #2, which is where it was by default. also is there is a bios update for my GPU that might improve stability? remember its a Club3D R9 280X RoyalQueen.

on 18-06-2015

The memory should be 1500 and the core at 1000. Did you try taking out a pair of memory to see if you have the same problem? BIOS update you need to request to see if your serial has a new one,  you can send for a BIOS request at [email protected] with your serial number.

on 18-06-2015

but my core is at 1050 mhz and memory at 1500 mhz, should i use afterburner to underclock to 1000 mhz? im not really wanting to take any of my ram right now, its a bit of deal. ive already emailed that email address a few days ago with my serial number and have not gotten a response, are you are to expedite this somehow??

on 19-06-2015

The support team should contact you as soon as they can. I do not handle the support questions.
Dont under clock the card.

on 21-06-2015

they have not gotten back to me!! do you happen to know how soon they will get back to me? the flicker is continuing and im noticing it more often now, like every 10 minutes or less. any other ideas??

on 17-08-2015

I also have R9 280x royalQueen ,
and the GPU clock is 1050 mhz…
i review R9 280x royalQueen in www.techpowerup.com
, the GPU clock is 925 mhz and here (Club 3D) is 1000 mhz…

so what going on here…???

on 21-08-2015

Hi Elloconnors, can you check on the item code which is on the label on the backside of the card? The Queen should be running at 1000 Mhz max out of the box but usually it can be OC-d quite a bit. We have offered a royalKing version of the 280X too which reached up to 1100 Mhz out of the box.

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