HD 7870XT joker

Updated on 12-03-2018 in HD 7000 Series
3 on 25-02-2018

I just broke 2 fins of my VGA (stupid me)
Any idea how i can fix this? Can i order a new fan and replace it myselve ?


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2 on 26-02-2018

Good day AmlmA,

Sorry to hear this.
Club3D does not have any spare parts anymore for 7870XT Cards unfortunately.
The card is build on a reference HD 7950 PCB so any 3rd party cooler (like Arctic or Gelid or something like that) made for HD7950 should fit on the card.

on 11-03-2018

Thanks for the reply. Bought a new fan but i Guess i need to get myselve a new vga. I think its broken. Screen doesnt react when i boot up my pc.

on 12-03-2018

Sorry to hear this 🙁
Perhaps the card overheated because of the fan-damage …

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