“HD 7970 XT” ´13Series” will not run on Intel-Board DP67BG

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I´ve installed the graphicscard “Club 3D Radeon HD 7970 XT2 ’13Series” and my system will not boot anymore.

My old card, HD 7870, is working fine!

So please help me! What´s the problem and how can i fix it?

The Board-Bios is the latest (2209). The Power-Supply is BeQuiet Pure Power 630w and i´ve attached both powerconnectors (6pin + 8pin)

The Mainboard (Intel DP67BG Extreme) gives me the POST-Code “E6” on LED-Display and then it stops booting and freezes at Intel-Boot-Logo.
The Intel-Support told me, more or less, the problem is solved by the card and not by the board!

Is there any possibillity to make the card work on this board? Let me know!


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3 on 18-11-2016

Hi Evilpappe,

Which card you have installed a 7970 13 (single GPU and Dual Fan) Series or a 7970 XT2 (Dual GPU and Tripple Fan))?
Anyway if you bought it second hand, please make sure the card is in working order …

7970 13 Sereis will take about 250 Watt in full load, That is about 75 Watts more than your 7870. Please make sure to feed mainboard/cpu form 1st 12Volt Rail and Graphics from second 12Volt rail.
7970 XT2 taken about 500 watt and is too much for the PSU you have. For that you will to have a PSU with 700 Watt / 60 Amps on the 12Volt Rail(s). And i would advice to go for a bit more like a 1000 Watt PSU …

From an intel forum:

Restart the system into BIOS by pressing <F2> during the boot process.  Once in the BIOS setup utility, press <F9> to restore BIOS default settings.  Reset any customized BIOS settings. Clear all DMI event logs by setting the option to “Enable“, which is located in the Advanced/Event Log Configuration section of the BIOS Setup utility.  Press <F10> to save the new settings and reboot the system.

2. Clear the CMOS if the error code still shows up
Note: Make sure you leave the battery out for 20 min., at least.

on 24-11-2016

Its the one with Single-GPU and Dual-Fan.

The Tipps from the Intel-Forum didn´t work!

Here is another Thread from that Support-Forum:

So this Board will not Support this Graphic!!!
With this Card connected its not possible to get into the BIOS because the startscreen freezes at bootlogo.

on 25-11-2016

sorry about that. Good quality board but not the most compatible in world to say the least …

on 26-11-2016

my conclusion is: never to buy an intel-board again.
and for now to get another board as fast as i can.
this really sucks – sorry 😉

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