HD7950 Wont coldboot with displayport cable plugged in

Updated on 29-12-2015 in HD 7000 Series
3 on 24-12-2015

I have a HD7950 Royal King, but everytime I want to use my computer I have to unplug my displayport cable and powre it on, and then put in the cable again.

I use 2 1440p monitors, so I am forced to use the DP as the HDMI and second DVI can only handle 1080p

Is there a fixing bios somewhere I can download?

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1 on 24-12-2015

Hi Mech0z, thank you for joining our forum. Can you elaborate on the issue you’re experiencing? Did the problem occur from the first time you installed the 7950?

Can you confirm what setup you are using, what OS you have installed and which driver is installed? Thanks!

on 24-12-2015

I run Win10, but it wont post (No image on the display) so its not a OS issue.

If I do not have the cable in, then it posts immidiatly with my DVI cable (The other display)

But with the DP cable in (2 monitors, 1 DVI and 1 DP) the monitor stays black

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0 on 29-12-2015

Hi Mech0z,
that is weird …
It looks like the Graphics card is getting a signal from the Screen it does not recognize.

Can you try to connect the screens and PC to different power outlets and most preferably with ground.

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