HD7970 UEFI Support

Updated on 23-11-2017 in HD 7000 Series
1 on 23-11-2017

I have a HD7970 card (model: CGAX-7977C, full details here: https://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/b1491/club-3d-hd-7970) with Asus Maximus V Formula mainboard.

I’m looking for a UEFI bios update for this card for full UEFI startup, in actual firmware is not supported.

Is it possible?

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0 on 23-11-2017

Hello Frix33,

I am sorry but that don’t think that will work.
EUFI settings require the Bios to be be bigger thatn was required before that. So if the card has an “old/small” bios it could very well be that the information ofr EUFI simply won’t fit on it.
If I am not mistaking ClubD started with EUFI Bioses from R7 260X onwards so everything before that time would not be possible. 

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