How to properly connet a 4ktv system

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There is something bothering me lately About how to connect a future 4k monitor using high speed hdmi cable with Ethernet and enjoying 60hz.

my GPU is Radeon™ R9 280X GAMING 3G which has 2 displayports 1.2, and one hdmi 1.4a . the hdmi can give me 4k but on 30hz only while the DP can give 60hz.

I’m considering a 40′ 4k tv, with hdmi 2.0 input.
The problem is that I already planted an HDMI cable in the wall so display port is not an option now.

what can I do to gain the 60hz? is it possible to bring a DP 1.2 adapters to HDMI such as ?   will it work the same? and my HDMI cable Is 26ft long, will it be an issue?

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2 on 27-06-2016

Good day Bar,

The CAC-1070 / CAC-1170 are capable of converting singal output of DP1.2 into  HDMI2.0.
And that should work jsut fine off a R9 280X.
As for the HDMI cable, yes i do think the 26 feet will be an issue. Normally after 3 meter Cables in general build up resistance that they are not capable anymore of 18GBps througput.
However there are of course exeptions to that, but you will need almost full bandwidth available to be able to throuput 4k at 60Hz.

on 27-06-2016

In case that I already have a GPU with HDMI 2.0, will there still be a problem with the 26ft long cable? or in other words there is no sure way to use that 26 ft cable for future 4K tv ?

on 29-06-2016

Hi Bar, there is no real limitation to the max length of the cable, as long as it supports enough bandwidth to send that 4K 60Hz signal through. You should be able to check that with the manufacturer of that cable i would think

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