Nvidia GTX 580 Crashing on ALL Drivers

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Since a while ago my GTX 580 has been crashing on and off. Some days I used to be able to work and even game without issues but on other days my 580 crashes instantly upon reaching the desktop. Unfortunately now it is a constant problem and as soon as I install any drivers my graphics drivers crash and I have to boot into safe mode to uninstall them.

I’ve tried drivers:
314.22 (I believe this is the last one that worked properly but doesn’t work anymore)
358.50 (Won’t even reach splash screen with these drivers)

I’ve tried re-installing windows 7 x64. I’ve also tried reinstalling my motherboard drivers (Gigabyte x58A-UD3R Rev. 2). I’ve tried memtest and using different combinations of my dimms (3x 4GB).

I’m looking for advice on anything I can try to do to resolve my problem.
I’m considering flashing the Bios on my 580 (looking for advice if this is a good idea or not).

Any help is much appreciated. As a 3d artist my livelihood depends on my pc working correctly.

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0 on 19-10-2015

Make sure you have sufficient cooling in your PC. Based on your description it does sound like a heat problem.
Can you check if the card has a lot of dust in the cooling fan?
Also check if your contact pins on the PCI-E 16x is clean. You can clean it with a pencil eraser.

Kind regards,

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3 on 19-10-2015

Thank you Paul, so far so good (relatively speaking, it’s not crashing straight after boot).

I’ll update you at the end of the day after some UE4 and MODO work. 🙂

on 19-10-2015

Good to hear.
Keep me updated.

on 19-10-2015

Still going strong. Updated to newest Nvidia drivers also and no problems. Thanks again Paul.

on 20-10-2015

That is good news.

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